Carnival Rides

Bringing the squeals
Fun Park

Jump in and hold on

Get ready to slide, spin, twist and turn as you take on this great line up of carnival rides. We have it all from slides that will make you scream out loud to the gravity defying Free Fall. Like to spend the day with your head in the clouds, jump in the Fiesta Balloon Ferris Wheel. If a gentle spin is more your speed we will be waiting for you on the Mini Chairs. You can pay as you go our pick up a Super Ride Fun Pass which provides three hours of family entertainment.

Free Fall

Free Fall Ride

The gravity defying Free Fall is suitable for the whole family. Jump in and hold on tight as we launch you into the air and back.


Carnival Ride

We have a convoy of food trucks along with this colorful carnival ride. Choose your vehicle and we will take care of the rest.

Cup & Saucer

Carnival Ride Cup and Saucer

Get ready to spin, twist and turn on this colourful classic childrens ride. Hold on and don’t let go until the music stops.


Saddle up and grab the reins as we set off on a ride of a lifetime up and down and around and around.

Family Dodgems

Dodgem Cars

Sydney traffic has nothing on this dodgem track as you bang and crash your way through gridlock. Suitable for the whole family.

Fun Slide

Giant Slide

Slide into our super Fun Slide which has been polished and buffed to get you to the bottom in record time.

Wacky Worm

Carnival Ride

The ultimate kids coaster will have them screaming for more as we take our wacky worm through the apple and back again.

Fiesta Balloons

Balloon Fiesta carnival ride

Lift off on board your own hot air balloon and drift into the clouds. Take a gentle journey and don’t forget to check out the view. 

Mini Chairs

Mini chairs carnival ride

This mini wave swinger is great for adventurous tiny tots who love to feel the breeze in their hair. Jump in and hold on tight. 

Big Bears

Carnival Ride

These big bears have been hibernating all winter and can’t wait to meet the kids and take them on a ride.

Truck Convoy

Carnival Ride

Grab a big rig and hit the road on Truck Convoy. This ride will have you clocking up the miles as you go around and around. 

Auto Bee

Start your engines and buckle up as we take off on a wild ride drifting through corners and chicanes.

Get yours today!

Super Ride Fun Pass

Our Super Ride Fun Pass includes entry into Food Truck Fun Park and all rides you can handle in your three hour session. It offers the best value however is strictly limited so don’t delay.

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